Monday, July 31, 2017

Photo of the Day

Antique Toys, Genesee Country Village 2017

My Favorite Song, Today

Subway Shots

In making this set of photos, I was trying to somewhat emulate the work of William Klein, one of the greatest visual chroniclers of New York City-- the stark contrast and grainy images were kind of his trademark (along with extreme close-ups, which I didn't pursue here). 

Monday, July 24, 2017

Photo of the Day

Dream-Catchers for Sale, 2017

My Favorite Painting, Today

R.B. Kitaj, Amerika (Baseball) 1983-84


I love fireworks and taking photos of fireworks. Normally when I plan to make pictures of fireworks, I have a specific lens that I use, and prop the camera onto a tripod to get steadier shots.  Well, last week after the Batavia Muckdogs game they had a show but I had neither of those two items with me.  So these were shot hand-held with a much longer lens than I would normally use.  It should go without saying that there were a lot more misses than hits, but I think these examples made the exercise worthwhile.